Monday, February 23, 2009

pisco sour pop 'ems

when you dont have it, you really want it. while at america's we had liquid nitrogen readily available, but i didnt have any use for it. now i have an idea that requires liquid nitrogen, but i dont have it.

i believe alex and rick first played around with foams and liquid nitrogen. they would fill balloons with a siphon charged with no2 cartridges. then they would spin the balloons in liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze the foam. [if you recall, homaro cantu used this technique on his iron chef battle]. the result is a hollow orb.


what would happen if i filled a balloon with my siphon pisco sour and spinned it in liquid nitrogen? a hollow orb?

i predict the result would be a hollow orb. what then when i let it rest and thaw in the freezer? the alcohol would thaw, but the eggwhite and the syrup would remain frozen. where would the alcohol go? will it fill the hollow orb? will the end result be a crispy orb with a liquid center? how would it taste? my idea is to make pisco sour pop 'ems. a frozen orb of crispy "meringue" filled with pisco.

will it work?
dammit! where is the liquid nitrogen when i need it!


Sea Anemone said...

Don't really know what pisco sour is, but seriously, the hollow orb thing sounds really really cool! If you get to take a crack at it, you have got to let us know!! :)

issa said...

ooh.. when i was in santiago i bought a few bottles of pisco!

From Another Perspective said...

you're seriously way too creative to be in houston. get out and go somewhere that you'll be completely appreciated... and as silly as it sounds, someplace that'll use you to your full potential!

Rachael said...

I would think that the alcohol thawing would cause the walls of the orb to be honeycombed/spongey looking after that, so I guess crispy, BUT, how do you intend on keeping the orb filled with the pisco if it has holes in it from the alcohol melting out? if you're keeping it in the balloon, i should think the alcohol would pool at whatever angle the balloon is resting as well, would that weaken the structure of the orb if left like that?

could you instead do the meringue and syrup separately and then inject the alcohol into the orb after?