Wednesday, March 4, 2009

its rodeo time!

rodeo brownies
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and in the restaurant industry, we know this means business is going to be slow.

inspired by the rodeo, i have created a brownie with the flavors of the rodeo.

applewood smoked brownie, white chocolate bbq sauce, spiced peanuts, bbq crisps


From Another Perspective said...

what about the turkey legs? or how about the funnel cake.... that's a better idea. play with funnel cake!!!

Rachael said...

ooo I like the funnel cake idea too.

is the white chocolate a bbq sauce with white chocolate added, or did you go a molasses/tomato/white chocolate approach? how sweet is it? I AM FASCINATED BY THIS SAUCE.

plinio said...

i have completely dismissed the funnel cake idea. i really like it though.

its a bbq sauce with white chocolate.

i first make a butterscotch sauce with ketchup and light brown sugar. once the sugar starts to caramelize i add molasses, spices and milk. finally i add the butter as you would when you beurre monte a sauce.

katie said...

sounds wonderful! I would take that over rodeo food any day...