Thursday, April 30, 2009

donut jucy lucy burger

donut jucy lucy burger
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this was my dinner last night. as you can see, its almost as big as the lone star bottle.

if you have not tried it, i urge you to do so. i was in food coma last night. this was awesome!!

recipe for sucess:
glazed donuts
jalapeno monterey jack stuffed burger (jucy lucy)
fried egg

if i ever have a heart attack, i know where it started.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

cocktail vending machine?

the pisco sour started my fascination with cocktails out of a siphon. i've been joking around with the idea of creating a "serve yourself" cocktail machine. it would work much like the soda machines. convenience or nuisance?

when you think about it, soda used to be made to order by a person. the person was known as a soda jerk. he would take the syrup you liked and added carbonated water. years later the soda machine came and it did the same thing. can we do this with cocktails? would we want to do this with cocktails?

i dont.

i like the idea as a novelty item, but nothing more than that. i like my mixologist making my cocktails. as you all know, i'm a huge fan of anvil. i'm there practically every other night!!

but the idea of a cocktail vending machine still lingers. its doable. its fun.

tonight at textile i served ramos gin fizz from a siphon. it literally takes me 5 seconds to put the whole thing together. 5 seconds!!

the mix is made. orange flower water, gin, st germain, lime juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, cream, egg white. then its put in the siphon. first its charge with a co2 cartridge to make it fizzy. then its charged with no2 cartridge, so that when its dispensed its foamy. the last step is to add a little of the mix (not in the siphon) and give it a stir.

haha! soon i'll just have a row of siphons with different cocktails. serve yourself.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

fruit plate

fruit plate
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sometimes all you want at the end of a meal is a bowl of fruit. enjoy!

fruits: grapefruit, orange, mango, plum, peach, apple
garnishes: yogurt, micro basil, olive oil

Thursday, April 9, 2009

cheese and crackers

i thought this would be a hit at textile. much more so than the bacon fried brownies. maybe i haven't given it time yet (just put it on the a la carte menu). its not a cheese plate, but a play on it. its not a cheesecake, but a play on it. so technically, i still have not done a cheesecake at textile. woo!

crescenza "cheese whiz", graham crackers, farro "smacks", kumquats.

[picture coming soon]

Friday, April 3, 2009

olive dessert

olive dessert
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part of 7 course tasting at textile. a savory dessert. pre dessert is a 1 second grapefruit pisco sour

pistachio oil sponge, candied olives, olive chips, olive "granola", rosemary creme, grapefruit

on a side note. i absolutely detest olives! but in this form, i will gladly eat them like a snack.

the olives are first blanched in water. blanched a second time in light simple syrup. blanched a third time in heavy simple syrup. and finally reserved in a rosemary simple syrup. the final result gives the olives the texture of canned cherries, but with a mellow salt and briny olive flavor.