Friday, April 3, 2009

olive dessert

olive dessert
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part of 7 course tasting at textile. a savory dessert. pre dessert is a 1 second grapefruit pisco sour

pistachio oil sponge, candied olives, olive chips, olive "granola", rosemary creme, grapefruit

on a side note. i absolutely detest olives! but in this form, i will gladly eat them like a snack.

the olives are first blanched in water. blanched a second time in light simple syrup. blanched a third time in heavy simple syrup. and finally reserved in a rosemary simple syrup. the final result gives the olives the texture of canned cherries, but with a mellow salt and briny olive flavor.


katie said...

What made you try all of these together? It sounds so interesting, I would love to see how the flavors go together.

Amanda said...

I too hate olives, but I'd be willing to try them in this setting.

Haven't seen you at all since Marisa moved out and you moved on... Glad to see things are going well.

I think of you every time I walk down to Gravitas to grab something sweet - looking forward to a Textile event sometime soon - perhaps in May (we let a reservation go this past weekend, so I'm keen to reschedule)..

Jay Francis said...

Plinio, have you ever tried this with cerignola olives (available at Nundini's).

Anonymous said...

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