Saturday, April 18, 2009

cocktail vending machine?

the pisco sour started my fascination with cocktails out of a siphon. i've been joking around with the idea of creating a "serve yourself" cocktail machine. it would work much like the soda machines. convenience or nuisance?

when you think about it, soda used to be made to order by a person. the person was known as a soda jerk. he would take the syrup you liked and added carbonated water. years later the soda machine came and it did the same thing. can we do this with cocktails? would we want to do this with cocktails?

i dont.

i like the idea as a novelty item, but nothing more than that. i like my mixologist making my cocktails. as you all know, i'm a huge fan of anvil. i'm there practically every other night!!

but the idea of a cocktail vending machine still lingers. its doable. its fun.

tonight at textile i served ramos gin fizz from a siphon. it literally takes me 5 seconds to put the whole thing together. 5 seconds!!

the mix is made. orange flower water, gin, st germain, lime juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, cream, egg white. then its put in the siphon. first its charge with a co2 cartridge to make it fizzy. then its charged with no2 cartridge, so that when its dispensed its foamy. the last step is to add a little of the mix (not in the siphon) and give it a stir.

haha! soon i'll just have a row of siphons with different cocktails. serve yourself.


Jenn said...

I've thought it would be fun to have single serving shooters sold in stores that you can somehow mix yourself (the same way some yogurts, etc) are packaged. You know, shooters like B-52, Buttery Nipple, Kamikazes, etc - ingredients separated when you buy but you shake, mix and shoot.

Dessert idea?

Bobby Heugel said...

This is already happening. There are whole new systems that replace bartenders going into restaurants and bars across the country. Its only a matter of time before they grow in popularity. What we don't need is people like you spreading this madness; now, you behave and stop all this cocktail vending machine talk.

plinio said...

bobby, i did not mean to insult. i described this as a novelty idea. i dont want a machine replacing bartenders. machines dont have souls, taste buds, or personailties.

why would i want to replace an art with a robot?

the idea is doable, but i dont think people will go for it. its not personable.

im just playing around with siphons and cocktails for now. once i understand siphons better, i'll introduce them into desserts to alter textures.

as for the gin fizz, it came out like a mousse. it was awesome! if i use methocel in the mix, i could dehydrate the mousse to create a gin fizz meringue cookie.

gin fizz vacherin anyone?

justin said...

Sign me up for a dozen of those cookies... and nix the St. Germain.

Misha said...

Bobby: doesn't replacing bad/average bartenders with robots only make what you do at Anvil that much more valuable? Right now, you cannot easily convince your average consumer that premium cocktails are worth the price. Make them all taste the same across the country and suddenly boutiques are a whole lot more differentiated.

Or it could be just the opposite. What do I know?

Daniel said...

very common in japan. my buddy eddie tells me, that you can buy used underwear from vending machines in certain neighborhoods in tokyo.

Bobby Heugel said...

Yep, glad you brought this up at the bar the other day. I would have never thought twice about it. I was just joking around; sorry I wasn't too clear about my comment and intentions.

Anonymous said...

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