Thursday, April 9, 2009

cheese and crackers

i thought this would be a hit at textile. much more so than the bacon fried brownies. maybe i haven't given it time yet (just put it on the a la carte menu). its not a cheese plate, but a play on it. its not a cheesecake, but a play on it. so technically, i still have not done a cheesecake at textile. woo!

crescenza "cheese whiz", graham crackers, farro "smacks", kumquats.

[picture coming soon]


Jenn said...

What is a "smacks" !?!?

tshu said...

loved it; presentation in the elmer's glue bottle was hilarious.

plinio said...

jenn: smacks are a grain cereal. their mascot is a frog. they're quite delicious.

tshu: the dish you received was a bit different. yours was a cheese plate. you're cheeze whiz was made from tallegio cheese. yours was a savory dish, the one on the menu is sweet.

katie said...

I need a picture!