Saturday, March 28, 2009

1 minute farro puffs

this stemmed off from the original idea. can you pop farro like popcorn? tried it, and no. there is one way though, but it involved using liquid nitrogen (which i dont have!!)

so next options were corn nuts or puffed grains. did a combination of both methods and got a very very nice result. and in a minute!!

1. put grains and flavored liquid in a vacuum seal bag. (1:1 ratio by volume)
2. seal.
3. cook in microwave (power 9) for 30 seconds.
4. remove from bag, drain excess liquid. (if any)
5. fry for 30 seconds in fryer set at 350.
6. drain on paper towels.
7. season to taste.

and since ancient grains are healthy, (for the health conscious) these make for a very healthy snack.

ideas ... chocolate and puffed farro bark, puffed farro brittle, candied farro, farro streusel, etc

we are going to order sorghum and amaranth soon, try this method and the popcorn method. will report with results.

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Anonymous said...

what with the n02?