Monday, March 16, 2009

spring spring spring!!

spring is around the corner and i can't wait! new menus!!!

gravitas spring menu
gravitas favorites:
chocolate and hazelnut mousse, caramel ice cream
butterscotch bread pudding, vanilla ice cream
smoked chocolate brownies, spiced peanuts, chocolate ice cream

peanut butter tart, banana ice cream, caramel
coffee flan, chicory soil, shortbread
tx style cheesecake, white chocolate bbq, pecan pralines
warm almond cake, strawberry sorbet, sesame granola

textile spring menu
"strawberry shortcake", pistachio scone, compressed strawberries, buttermilk ice cream
ginger cake, grapefruit in two textures, cocoa nib praline
"peas and carrots", carrot cake, molasses, sweet peas, dairy maids crescenza cheese
bacon fried brownies, maple pudding, ancho chile ice cream
"turtle", bittersweet chocolate torchon, liquid pecans, caramel, pecan brittle

dessert tasting, 3 course
dessert tasting, 5 course

off menu items possible for dessert tastings:
sweet potato beignets
bacon ice cream
1 second pisco sour
banana pudding lollipops
gianduja and potato ice cream cones

i still have a week to finalize my menus. what do you think so far? any suggestions? any items you would like on my menus?


katie said...

Sounds great, I am doing the big tasting in May, can't wait!

I missed iron chef, did david win?

plinio said...

doing the big tasting you say. where? are you coming to textile?

and david kinch schooled booby flay.

katie said...

yep, going to do it up big at textile for turning 28 years old. So glad bobby flay got put in his place by a REAL chef.

plinio said...

hmm ... i too turn 28 in may.

katie said...

Yeah? We should have a bacon birthday cake with 28 candles to blow out. I will share. ;)

Ruthie J. said...

Bacon fried brownies?! Mmmm!

Fulmer said...

The Spring menu looked and more importantly, tasted great. The strawberry shortcake in paticular was a paticular success that we enjoyed (and she isn't a dessert person at all). I've had variations of it (balsamic & strwbrry) before, but the textures and flavors coalesced better than any previous efforts. Pisco Sour could even be a new amuse bouche. THX again