Sunday, February 1, 2009

apples and potatoes

apples and potatoes
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one night (after reading ideas in food blog about potato and apple terrine) i decided to try what apples and potatoes taste like together. we had mashed potatoes available and i had apple jam. mixed them together and then took a small bite.

inspired by the complex, yet simple, flavors, a new dessert is available as part of the seven course tasting menu at textile.

apple bavarois, apple jam, apple chips, apple sorbet, potato puree, potato chips, caramel.

this week is over and the dessert has gotten great response. though, i dont think the potato flavor is very apparent. theres alot of apple elements and not enough potato.

a few changes i will make the following week. change the apple bavarois to a potato bavarois. use less sugar in the potato puree. change the potato chips to crispy potato skins. garnish with fleur de sel and fresh cracked black peppercorn. change nasturtium leaves to micro cilantro. add a few drops of lime juice.


Anonymous said...

I think the lime juice addition will be great.....makes my mouth water just thinking of it on a crispy potato skin!

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issa said...

Hi! I actually ate at Textile last friday and had the potato bavarian/apple sorbet! it was unique and delicious!