Saturday, February 14, 2009

v-day at textile

i've been so inundated with work at gravitas that i completely forgot about a v-day menu at textile. so here its kiddos.

gravita's valentine's day desserts:
lavender creme brulee, citrus madeleines
white chocolate bavarian, strawberry sorbet, almond twists

textile's menu is a bit different. since its the day for love, i tried to cater to aphrodisiacs. chocolate obvious. and i remember a few years back reading or hearing about sweet potato/pumpkins and men. it turns out that is a scent women find arousing in men. soon after that i was first in line at bath and body works with my pumpkin body soap and shampoo and conditioner.

textile's valentine's day desserts:
for him: sweet potato beignets, cinnamon pudding, honey, bacon ice cream
for her: bittersweet chocolate terrine, lavender anglaise, compressed strawberries, almonds

happy valentine's day!


katie said...

Ah jealousy! Those sound delicious! Alas, I couldn't get the funds together for v-day but I am making reservations for my birthday instead.

plinio said...

when is your birthday? i would like to prepare something special for you and company.