Wednesday, February 18, 2009

color menu no.1 - yellow

i have been wanting to do desserts based on color for some time now. i think this idea started after seeing will goldfarbs desserts (based on color) on art culinaire.

this week at textile i am featuring one of seven color desserts, yellow.

banana, caramel, corn fritter, mustard pudding.
[picture to come soon]


jodycakes said...

I think this is a BRILLIANT concept.

plinio said...

i was inspired to make this menu by will goldfard. on an art culinaire issue, will had 4 amazing desserts based on color.

at gravitas i am featuring dessert color brown:

coffee flan, cajeta, toasted almonds

Rachael said...

What issue is this in? I just started receiving art culinaire and have been scrounging around for back copies.

I like this idea too, it would be fun also to do a menu based on contrasting colors, just the color and its contrast on one plate. ideas, ideas...

Permanent Make-Up said...

I would have to agree with Rachel.