Thursday, February 19, 2009

textile dessert menu - revision

i've been saying it since i put it on there, and its finally off. the season has been done, it was time to go [aside from many other reasons]. the liquid pumpkin pie is no more. if you loved it and need to get your fix, go to Gravitas.

so here are the revisions:

a la carte

coffee and milk/ pain perdu, milk jam, ice milk, bacon streusel, coffee foam

pb/ peanut butter fudge, orange jam, candied bread, spiced peanuts

apple/ vanilla pound cake, apple confiture, blue cheese ice cream, butterscotch

chocolate/ manjari “torchon”, liquid cranberries, cocoa nib brittle

fried/ sweet potato beignets, cinnamon pudding, honey, bacon ice cream

5 course

dessert – sweet potato beignets, cinnamon pudding, honey, bacon ice cream
- or –
cheese – artisinal cheeses

7 course

intermezzo – cucumber, orange, yogurt

pre-dessert – quince, honey, milk

dessert – banana, caramel, corn fritter, mustard pudding


Peggy said...

Plinio, that quince intermezzo was one of the best things of our meal on V-day. It may have outshone your other desserts; it did outshine some of the other savory courses.

Anonymous said...

As someone who's tried a few of these (the apple/vanilla pound cake, the beignets, the torchon), I can say that you're definitely working at the top of your game right now. Right on, Plinio. :)

PST Repair said...

TEXTILE DESSERT! Sounds like milk cheese to me, directly from the farm's cow!

gum disease treatment said...

I will do this at home - exciting idea.