Tuesday, June 3, 2008

flips and flops

it tasted amazing yesterday. why not today?! it was sweet, tart and smoky. what happened?! it was tart today and lacking in flavor. the only thing that helped today was the bacon. but even the almighty BACON was not enough. what happened?!

you're probably wondering, "what is he talking about?"

well obviously. a cupcake!!

tonight was our first night of the food and wine event in the woodlands. our event was called 'it's a guy thing.' the host was master sommelier guy stouts - its a guy thin - get it? so tonight we had a bunch of guys come taste wine and mingle (teehee!)

fortunately the gentleman were stuffed to their gills before dessert came out. there was no room for dessert. its a good thing because i was not happy with my cupcakes. they tasted fine, but they were not up to my standards.

smoked chocolate cupcake/ BBQ buttercream/ bacon streusel

my idea was to try recreate a very manly activity in a not very manly fashion. it was humorous. tonights event was referred to as guys night out. and well, drinking wine and mingling, you get the point. hence the cupcake.

yesterday they were amazing. the smoke level was right, the sweetness of the tomatoes shined in the buttercream, bacon was smoky and salty. it was a great balance of sweet tart salty and smoky. it was very reminiscing of a summer bbq. but today it was very tart.

i have no idea what happened. i'll have to revist that cupcake later.


Justin said...

Man that sounds good.

Smoke is a funny thing, but when have you ever had bbq that was as good the day it was made? Or for that matter, whenever was a tomato ever as good even a few hours after it was cut open. McGee talks about flavors oxidizing several times in his book and if I can remember correctly, I think tomatoes are mentioned somewhere in there. At least to my reasoning, you're using several different flavors that don't really stand the test of time. But hell, if you'll bake one fresh for me, I'm there.

Anonymous said...

i posted a picture of your future johnny jump ups!!!!