Thursday, June 12, 2008

monotony evokes creativity

i measured out my flour, sugar and butter. i was cutting my butter into the flour. all by hand, because we all know no machine can replace your hands in cooking.

so there i was. bored. just cutting butter into the flour. making a pie dough. and i started thinking ... i have butter and flour. what else is made with flour and butter?


now i would skip out on beurre manie and go for either xanthan gum or methocel. but then i started thinking about roux. roux is flour and butter. when i think roux i think gumbo. i love to browning of the flour and butter. its creates an amazing aroma and taste.

so. what if i made a roux, like for gumbo, seasoned it and let it cool. once cooled bake it in the oven like a cookie. gumbo cookie?

what else uses roux ... bechamel??? bechamel cookies?

not just cookies. streusels, powders, liquid sable (i have the utmost respect for jordan kahn)

its an idea now. i'll play around. look for upcoming posts


From Another Perspective said...

once, while still working at that place i worked at there in houston, i tested out some different ideas with browned butter. i made a flaky pie dough, but i browned the butter and re-set it, then cut it into the flour and them made folds like you would for puff pastry. it was tasty... but i think it would have been even better if I had tested it out with different flours as well.... oh, make sure it's plugra!!!

eleKtrofly said...

i found you.

ps-- how'd iron chef turn out?-- i never saw the episode.

philip said...

let me know about further developments on this...