Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my poor baby!

my poor baby!
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wednesday night i got hit. this is what my car looked like in daylight.

i wasnt in a good mood that night. i thought about drinking, but an amazing and very caring friend told me i should go home. get rest, be safe.

so i went home. my light turned green and i advanced. i didnt see anything, i didnt feel anything. but when i opend my eyes, my car was in the middle of the road. i was facing in a southern direction (i was driving north). my airbag went off and my door would not open.

im lucky to be alive.

my poor baby.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Plinio! I can't believe you just walked away from that -- it looks terrible. I'm so glad you're alright. Your poor car, though... I hope the guy that hit you has to pay out the nose for this.

Plinko said...

it was two seventeen year old girls. i got out of the car and went to check on them. they were crying. i told them to not worry about it. the car is just material. to be glad we are all still alive.

they did admit fault. there were also two witnesses that waited until the police arrived.

trust me, i'll make sure the insurance pays for everything. i have back and neck pains still. my cars totaled.

all i want is my health and for a car in the same exact state my car was before the accident. im asking for whats true and fair.

Misha said...

Holy crap. That looks like it was a really close call. Glad you're OK.