Sunday, May 25, 2008

misha and

misha was to come last night for dinner with his wife and friends. unfortunately they could not make it because americas does not offer vegetarian options.

i did not speak to him early enough. we had 350+ reservations. included were a wedding, birthdays, etc. we did, however, out of some miracle find time to make 2 vegatarian plates, plus my desserts (all vegetarian friendly)

anywho, misha was able to come this afternoon for lunch. we were slow today and i was able to do a dessert tasting for him and his two companions. it was a delight for me to have a chance to do one, as much as it was for him to eat it. win win, no?

i'm looking forward to your pics and blog!!

i had a sesame "granola" on your cheese course. after reading your blog about desserts at 17, i was a bit worried!

oh! i didnt realize i did not have you on my list of blogger friends. im adding you, do likewise!

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Misha said...

I love granola, but that thing was gross. Have you ever actually eaten a Cliffs bar? It's awful.

I need to post my photos from Manresa. They are a bit dessert challenged there, but one of the dessert courses was a cup of granola and fruit, which sounds boring, but it was outstanding.

Thanks again for putting on a show for us yesterday. I had an absolute blast.