Wednesday, May 7, 2008

tasting voice: voice tasting

i'm out to have dinner at voice with friends. i got my camera ready. i got paper and pad ready.

if any of you kiddos feel like joining us, please do! even you mg.


ribbonstage said...

arent you worried that sous might still be there?

mg said...

I have to agree with your seasonl comments. parsnips in spring? you do a disservice to your costumers by not cooking seasonaly

jb said...

okay im not sure who you all are talking about, but since its on the P's voice voice section I got to get this out there. Our menu on the Icon site is old, we have been open since kramer got here 9 months ago, he had to service the hotel guest even when there was not a full dining room and contruction was going on, and that was during fall and winter. Now we are open and have a very seasonal, locally produced menu. So come see us!!!!!

Plinko said...

the sous i referred to is long gone and part of the jean-georges regime.

justin is a good friend and amazing chef.

the food i ate there reminded me of what i missed about cooking. it inspired me.

it was beautiful and it was extremely delicious. i had my camera and pictures will soon be posted.

amazing job justin!
thank you for one of the best meals! (ditto from matt and erika)

Misha said...

I had a ton of fun at Voice. So much more than I expected. I went a little crazy with the camera:

I am trying to drag my Woodlands friends out for a night out at Americas this weekend. How's business so far?

Anonymous said...
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Plinko said...

hey misha.
business has been insane! the woodlands has been waiting for about a year for us to open. once word got out, they all poured in!

its fun. its busy. its frustrating. its work.

please do come out! but be fore warned. this weekend is going to be nuts!