Tuesday, December 2, 2008

what's worse than a health inspector on a really busy night?

a food blogger.


Sea Anemone said...

sounds like fun! (unfortunately, typing doesn't relay sarcasm well... drat.)

Cory said...

To be fair, not ALL food bloggers are PITA's, though I will admit that some are starting to feel a sense of entitlement.

It's almost as if they feel restaurants (and chefs) owe them some favor in return for them raving about the food to their dozen-or-so daily readers. The same thing happens in political blogging. Human nature I suppose. To overstate one's relevence in relation to the vast Universe.

Still, I wouldn't pigeonhole ALL food bloggers into that small corner. I will guarantee that you wouldn't even know I was in your restaurant should I choose to dine there again. (I will dine there again btw, you just won't know it)

plinio said...

don't forget, i too am a food blogger. i like food bloggers, but even you admit, "some are starting to feel a sense of entitlement"

i have not encountered any PITA's, just heard stories from fellow chefs.

just thought i bring this out to the open.

still, i like to know when friends come to the restaurant. i like to take care of them. i invite them.

Anonymous said...

how about a fire marshall on a drastically over booked night asking if you have your right to assemble and candle permit.

neverfull said...

plinio, i'd love to hear more about this particular incident with the food blogger.

on the flip side, sometimes it sucks being fawned over just b/c they know you're a food blogger. especially if the chef stops by the table on several occasions throughout the meal asking for a preview of the critique they know may show up online in the future. it also sucks feeling like you are being watched when you are just trying to enjoy a relaxing meal.

it's an interesting situation from both ends. the breadth of my restaurant reviews has changed quite drastically lately as i am working with different types of publications and actually getting paid for my reviews now. the amount of anonymity has varied in these situations. i don't have any real insight or wisdom into it all yet as it is all still very new to me.

but i do firmly believe that a truly objective "review" can only be written if there was complete anonymity and no special treatment involved.