Monday, December 1, 2008


i never quite understood my friends fascination with wendy's frostys and french fries. it quite disgusted me. i mean, why dip a french fry in a frosty?! it sounded really absurd until the day i accidently tried it.

after a long day of work, i stopped by the local wendys to pick up a combo and a frosty. put a fry in my mouth and at the same time took a sip of the frosty. didnt event think twice about it. continued eating my food until the last fry was gone. then it finally hit me!! i have just been eating wendy's french fries and a frosty together. it tasted great! i guess the only thing that really inhibited me with the dipping was the dipping. i could not get around dipping my fries into a frosty, but if there was a way around it, i would be ok. funny.

few weeks after the opening of textile, i was wondering what new desserts to make. one night i was asking erika of what stuff she grew up eating. foods that would make people think about their childhoods. foods that would bring back happy memories. we spoke about peas and carrots (now on the menu) and she finally said i should do a wendy's french fries and frosty dessert. i was excited, but how do i do it?

i thought about doing the inverse. chocolate fries with french fry ice cream. though this may sound really interesting, how do i make it presentable? would people be okay eating french fried chocolate? what about potato ice cream? after a few more weeks, i think i've settled on a fun and playful presentation. i am hoping to put it on our seven course tasting menu this week.

ice cream cones! gianduja frosty, potato cone, salted potato flakes

3 comments: said...

i was (am?) exactly the same way about dipping... doesn't mean i don't love the combination though. your dessert sounds great!

Busy all the time. said...

for me it was always fries dipped in honey! So good. I like the plate idea

Eric said...

I grew up going to Sonic Drive-in. In high school we used to dip our french fried pickles in strawberry shakes.
Disgusting idea, but really, really good.
Can't wait to see a pic of the fries and frosty plate.