Sunday, November 9, 2008

sweet peas

after watching the kitchen make wasabi caviars for their strip, i had an idea. the caviar resembled peas ... wasabi caviar ... wasabi peas ...

but thats just a snack that i'm not sure i want to turn into a dessert. instead i'll play off the idea of making pea caviars.

peas and carrots?

"peas and carrots"
sweet pea pearls, carrot cake, minted yogurt, molasses crunch


Anonymous said...

Hey, i didn't know you were back with robert gadsby. i saw one of your desserts on the bedford website when i was making a reservation. looking good man! looking forward to the new stuff you guys create together.

plinio said...

hello anonymous,
i am not back with robert gadsby. i am working at gravitas with jason gould and at textile with scott tycer where i am very happy.

i wish robert the best of luck. i drive by his place on my commute from gravitas to textile. looks amazing.

come see me in the am at gravitas and the pm at textile.