Saturday, November 8, 2008

alinea and under pressure

i've been so busy at work that i barely had time to read these new books. when i was at the bookstore and saw them (i didnt pre-order them like everyone else, i know. i'm lame.) i was giddy and hopping. i felt like a kid at a candy store.

but looking through them, neither book mentions jordan kahn and alex stupak. why? maybe they do, but you have to read the really fine print.

i think jordan kahn is one of the absolute best pastry chefs around. from what i understand he created liquid sable (as he describe on a food arts magazine). under pressure has a sesame oil sable that reads exactly like jordan's liquid sable, yet no mention of jordan kahn. but maybe jordan developed this recipe when he was working with sebastian at the french laundry.

and alex stupak. i havent seen his name in the alinea cookbook, yet there are pictures of him and jordan.

well. maybe i havent read too much into it, but i highly admire these two pastry chefs and hope they get proper acknowledgements

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