Sunday, October 26, 2008

dessert menu at textile

some desserts for the fall at textile.

liquid pumpkin pie/ pecan shortcrust/ brown butter ice cream

manjari "torchon"/ cranberries/ cocoa nib brittle

lemon blancmange/ candied fennel/ pistachio gelato/ yogurt croquant

apple jam/ pound cake/ butterscotch/ blue cheese ice cream

"coffe & milk"/ iced milk/ milk jam/ french toast/ coffee foam/ bacon streusel


Ruthie J. said...

I had the liquid pumpkin pie with the tasting menu tonight... It was dynamite. If I thought it appropriate to lick the plate, I would have done so in a nanosecond.

Ruthie J. said...

I'm so sorry I didn't say hi! I'm always leery of taking a chef away from the kitchen -- I hate to be a bother/distraction.

I'd 100% love to come in again for a dessert tasting! Every piece of my meal was fabulous... I dream of that liquid pumpkin pie. And the shortbread with the bon bons was pure heaven, as well.