Monday, October 6, 2008

my table awards

congratulations to all the winners!

it was really exciting to finally meet all the chefs i talked to erika so highly about. it was an honor being nominated. better luck next year, no?

oh! and please come by gravitas!
jason continues pumping out amazing food. im trying to keep up. this is my current menu

gravitas favorites
smoked brownies/ spiced peanuts/ vanilla ice cream
buttrescotch bread pudding/ butterscotch ice cream
caramel and chocolate/ gianduja mousse/ salted caramel ice cream

pumpkin fondant/ brown butter ice cream/ streusel
goat cheese cheesecake/ tarragon anglaise/ walnut brittle
pear tart/ grapefruit creme fraiche/ balsamic gastrique/ vanilla ice cream
lavender pot de creme/ braised figs/ orange sable


jb said...

i liked the other post better

Plinko said...

me too.

me too.
... i didnt realize how many people read this little thing ...

Plinko said...
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wholefish said...

what was the other post?
come on now i'm curious.