Saturday, September 20, 2008

pumpkin fondant

pumpkin fondant
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when in culinary school, i used to love this dessert. i was amazed by it! but after years it got boring that no one did anything different. its like it became an unspoken rule for restaurants, you must offer a warm chocolate cake/ fondant/ coulant/ molten cake/ lava cake, whatever you want to call it. if you must, why not do something different?

i first tried this at noe with good sucess. i havent seen or read about anyone doing a pumpkin fondant, so i guess this would be one of my signature desserts.

i am now offering this as part of my fall menu at gravitas. its selling like hot cakes!! literally!

come try it.

pumpkin fondant/ brown butter ice cream/ walnut brittle/ pecan streusel/ caramel

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Peggy said...

oh goodness, that alone makes me want to go back to Gravitas. I mean, I love the food anyway but pumpkin fondant? Killer.