Thursday, April 24, 2008

top chef pastry challenge

its always upsetting watching cooking shows where they have pastry challenges. why do they all fear it? what's there to fear?!!

oh i know, for some reason people view pastries as being effeminate.

ay! hey chefs, do you know what desserts are? do you?! its food. you cook food, you like food. so damnit! cook desserts. its not hard. its actually tons of fun. its incredibly creative. it requires lots of technique and skill. and foremost, its just food!

food food food food food food food food food!

i was a chef before a pastry chef. i had an initial fear for pastries. ill admit it, i too found pastries to be very effeminate. but i dated one of the prettiest pastry chefs ever. she literally smacked my head for having such an obtuse view towards pastries. after a few months of working with her i completely turned around.

as chefs what drives us is our passion for food. pastries are food. dont forget pastries!


From Another Perspective said...

Amen to that!

Simran said...

I've cooked all my life (as an amateur of course)! And yet, I was always scared of baking. Baked my first cookie 3 months back, and loved it. Still to bake my first cake though!