Tuesday, April 15, 2008

fun with agar

custard pearls
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ive been playing around with agar for a little over a year and the stuff still fascinates me!

about 2 months ago i decided to try sam mason's technique of spherification with agar and oil.

after a week of playing, i came up with a recipe that works with my custard dessert. luckily i had this done before my tasting with the cordua group. it blew me (as much as them) away! so here it is:

agar agar solution
16 oz water
12 oz sugar
1 oz agar agar

combine water and sugar. bring to a boil. sprinkle in agar. whisk vigorously until agar is fully incorporated. continue boiling for 2 minutes.

12 ea egg yolks
2 ea eggs
2 cups sugar
1 ea vanilla bean
pinch sea salt
1 qt heavy cream

place all in 4 qt container with lid. whisk to combine. place in microwave (home use) for three minutes. remove from microwave. whisk. top with lid. microwave for 3 more minutes. repeat but now for 2 minutes. repeat but now for 1 minute. repeat until mixture gets thicker (consistency of creme anglaise). remove and place in ice bath to stop cooking.
(for beads, use custard mix that is hot)

custard beads
2 lb custard, hot
12 oz agar agar solution, hot
vegetable oil, as needed

combine both in blender, strain and fill squeeze bottle.
drip custard mix into cold oil.

have fun!!


Marianna said...

hey i was wondering does this work if i substitute agar with gelatine? Also, would it work with for instance chocolate instead of custard?

Plinko said...

hey marianna. i have not tried it with gelatin. i use agar because its structually alot stronger than gelatin, without the feel.

feel free to try it with gelatin.

i have not tried it with chocolate. i dont think you would need any gelatin with chocolate. the cocoa butter would set the chocolate as it hits the oil.

let me know you what happens!