Thursday, April 24, 2008


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so here they are again.

as much as i hated making them everyday at the bakery, i enjoy making them at the restaurant. this time its at americas and i am super excited about it.

smoked chocolate cupcake, dulce de leche buttercream.

id like to constantly change the cupcakes. keep them fresh. keep them creative.

apple cupcake, foie gras buttercream, candied bacon
peanut cupcake, jelly buttercream, banana chips
onion cupcake, duck confit buttercream
lucuma cupcake, goat cheese buttercream, basil

send me ideas!


technicolorsarah said...

warning: total novice question on it's way.

what makes a chocolate cupcake smoked? :)

technicolorsarah said...

its, not it's. ugh.

Plinko said...

not a novice question at all. a very good question. if you dont ask, you'll never learn, right?

i cold smoke them.

i was introduced to smoke wood by chef randy. he gets them from a japanese company.

all you do is break a small chunk off of the compressed block. light it. blow the flame out and cover you item tightly with the smoke. after 30 minutes or so its smoked and delicious!

come by the restaurant and try my stuff!!

tksan said...

ok.. I'll bite. I was inspired by the thought of duck confit buttercream.

Buffalo mozzarella cheese(cup)cake, basil buttercream, sundried tomato

Jennifer said...

maybe my idea is a little too normal for you... but i still think that classic strawberry-rhubarb should be played with....

it's ok to dedicate the dessert to me when you're finished... =)