Monday, December 3, 2007

Todd Richards vs Cat Cora

Yet another proof that Iron Chef America is a joke! An abomination to the art of cookery.

Tonights challenger was Chef Todd Richards. I dont know the chef and, to be honest, didnt expect much from him. I absolutely hate his chef coats. ugly! But nevertheless, his food looked great. He was serious about his food and he had a keen eye on detail.

His food pairings were great. It was all creative, tasteful and plated beautifully.

What did cat cora do?

she did shit. not one judge gave her a compliment. Wait, they did compliment her on her carrot soup. Nothing else. So why did she win? WHY?!!

Her food looked ugly. the lady cannot plate. Her style is very haphazard. Her plating is very rudementary. Her creativity ... well. she doesnt have any! so why did she win?!

Her meek attempts at modern cooking is shameful. Actually, this applies to the vast of chefs who try their hands at modern cuisine. No one knows how to do it correctly. The only chefs who do are succesul at what they do. Wylie Dufresne, Grant Achatz, Ferran Adria, Paul Liebrandt, Alex Stupak, Sam Mason, Jordan Kahn, Homaro Cantu, Richard Blais and a few more.

The vast simply do it because they feel its something they need to do to keep up. Its not. The reason the chefs [listed above] are succesful at it is because they understand it. They understand the novelty and ingenuity of new techniques and chemicals. They dont do it simply for the sake of doing it. They do it because they want to understand food. They want to learn food and present it in a new fashion.

Keeping that in mind. Why did cora make carrot caviar? Was there a need for them? Did they improve her dish? By doing it, does that make her creative?

Ferran Adria developed faux caviar. He taught the world how to do it. But they way he does it is in a correct fashion. He serves cantaloupe in a tin; much like caviar is sold.

Needless to say, i am very angered by iron chef america. The judges did not like cat coras food. The judges loved Chef Todd Richards food. Yet, cora won?!

the show is a joke and it is completely rigged. the show sucks. i hate it, but i will keep watching it.

what do you think?


Todd Richards said...

Thanks for the blog post.

I am glad that you see it the way I did. I was shocked to say the least. It was a very big pill to swallow but what can you do? I have received over 100 emails saying the same thing. The silver lining is that in lost I have gained a winning following.
Thanks again,

Sue said...

Thanks for the blog. My cable station died right at the end... "Tonite's winner is..." UGH!!

Cora won... I'm glad I didn't see it!

Unknown said...

As a result of that show, one of the things on my to do list before I die is eat at a restaurant where Mr. Richards is the chef. Trouble is I live on the weat coast, not close, but I'll make it to the south east even if visiting his restaurant is the sole reason for flying across the country.