Wednesday, November 28, 2007

best sushi in houston: Kubo's

Kubo's Sushi and Grill
2414 University (in the Rice Village)

simplicity at its best. nothing pretentious. no fucking rolls! (well, they had one or two for the idiots who think that is sushi)

the food was clean. solid flavors after solid flavors. the portions were great. the simple ingredients and pairings of seasonings made for a complex and amazing flavor.

AND!!! kubo's did not have that club feel like all the sushi places in houston. the interior design was very simple. very zen. i loved it!

... or maybe the service and food was amazing because i was dining with Chef Gadsby?

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Karen said...

Best Sushi in town? Teppay Restaurant. I go there anytime I'm feeling nostalgic for Japan.