Sunday, November 25, 2007

Iron Chef Vs Iron Chef America

really?! i mean, REALLY?!!

The Food Network has totally bastardized Iron Chef; much like any American adaptation.

The original Iron Chef had integrity - it was real. It pitted the world's best chefs against the [much deserving] Iron Chefs. The show was great to watch. It was funny as well as close as cooking comes to being a sport. It encouraged many kids to become chefs.

The Iron Chefs were masters at their skills, so battling one of them was a great honor. Who the f?@#! is Batali, Cora, Flay and Symon? Who decided to make them Iron Chefs? Why? Is it because they all coveniently live in NYC? Is it because they all coveniently have/had shows on the Food Network? When you start to think about it, it all makes sense. I mean, what have those chefs contributed to the food industry? So how can they possibly be called America's best chefs?! It's a joke! Iron Chef America is a f-ing joke!

The Food Network has become what MTV was in the 90s.

So tonight they aired Iron Chef America - All Star Holiday Dessert Battle. The competitors were Team Paula Deen/Cat Cora vs Robert Irvine/Tyler Florence. All who have shows on the Food Network. Seriously, was there a lack of chefs in America to produce this work of sh@t?

The whole show is a joke. No challengers ever win. And if they do win, it is a pitty win. John Besh won because during his battle Katrina was going on. Anita Lo won because she was the first female to battle on Iron Chef America, and so on and on and on.

Here are some notable losers:

Morimoto lost to Puck?!!!

Roberto Donna

Wylie Dufresne

David Burke

Susur Lee (had a draw, but thats a joke!)

Cristophe Eme

Mouro Outtara

Rick Tramonto & Gale Gand

David Bull

Richard Blais

Ian Chalermkittichai

Graham Bowles

Robert Gadsby

David Myers

Ben Ford

I was on Iron Chef America. I was sous chef for Robert Gadsby. I'm not being bitter. I know what i am talking about, i was there! I am happy to have lost, i am with a really good crowd.

Anyway, the fact is that Iron Chef America is a joke. Its really sad that America has yet again bastardized something foreign and with integrity.


Anonymous said...

how many times do you plan on telling everything that you were on Iron Chef?? we get it already

plinio said...

this was posted a year and two days ago.

excuse me, its something i am proud of and lucky to participate in. i'm sure if you did something like that with your career, you too would tell people.

Anonymous said...

its on the food network...i think that says enough..congrats on being part of a show that is lame!