Thursday, January 21, 2010

down in the south ...

last weekend i went to nyc for much needed vacation (last one was 4 years ago!!) and inspiration. we ate a lot. tastings every night at the countries best restaurants, nougatine by jean-georges, wd~50, morimoto and corton.

i was blown away by the service at these restaurants. i was more blown away by the food. i needed this, inspiration. i cannot compete with those guys, they are light years ahead of me. but i can create desserts a southerner like me will enjoy.

after all the food, i came back to texas filled with ideas. a new dessert menu ensues.

southern desserts:
soft ganache brulee, popcorn ice cream, cumin pudding, pecan praline

"egg in a basket" caramelized TX toast, sweet yolk, bacon brittle, jalapeno butter

textured lemon: curd, sorbet, crisp, honey-tea granola

TX ruby red grapefruit granita, whipped honey, pickled pear

banana bread bread pudding, whipped brie, piloncillo, grapefruit

goat cheese and grit zeppole, green tomato sorbet, sweet basil sun tea

what yall think?


melissa said...

all of that sound right up my alley.

Katie said...

and now I'm hungry and at the same time in an imaginary food coma. My response: yes, please!

Dragana said...

Those are interesting combinations! I had one of your amazing foie and oat sandwich cookies at Catalina's and I was blown away by your inventiveness! Houston needs someone like you to shake things up a bit!
I have been following Shuna Fish lydon for a couple of years now - she is on a similar path and talks about it on her blog 'eggbeater'. It would be worth a look.

katie said...

Bullshit you can't compete. Your desserts are both innovative and delicious (the most important part). That egg in a basket sounds amazing but of course I'm still a sucker for bacon brittle. :)

plinio said...

thanks, really glad you enjoyed the cookie.

while in nyc this past weekend i met up with shuna. we dined at corton. she's a really really cool lady.

tried her desserts too! theyre awesome!!

mario said...

cool looking boots there. :D

callie said...

what would your whipped honey consist of with the ruby red granita? honey with grapefruit is such a lovely pairing.