Sunday, May 3, 2009

goat cheese bavarois

goat cheese bavarois
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new dessert at textile as part of our 7 course tasting menu.

goat cheese bavarois, peppered blueberries, basil mint syrup, basil mint crisps, rhubarb compote, candied rhubarb


tshu said...

me want. now.

craig said...

dig the blog. stumbled upon it today. add it to my list!!

Anonymous said...

hey Plinio,

A friend and I ate at Textile about a month ago and when we ordered extra dessert we made the mistake of not letting you pick whatever you wanted for us.

Is it possible to come in a just do a dessert tasting. Thanks.

Matt Mancini

plinio said...

hey matt,
you can come in and do a dessert tasting.

email me to set a date and discuss further details about the tasting.

talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

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