Sunday, August 3, 2008

newfound respect: mario batali

i was bitter over losing to him on iron chef. i mean, mario batali?!! but really, how much did i know about the guy before meeting/battling him? nothing. absolutely nothing. all i knew is that he had 2 shows on the food network before being an iron chef. i knew nothing of his past. i knew nothing of his encounters with marco pierre white.

i am reading 'the devil in the kitchen' by marco pierre white. the more i read, the more i like mario batali. its like im being introduced to an awesome mario batali. and now i feel bad for being ignorant and not researching history on who i were to battle. why didnt i? arrogance. because ... well, what else do you learn from an egocentric chef. you learn not to be like him. i like mario batali and i feel incredibly honored to have met/battled him.

here's excerpts from marco pierre white memoirs:
'sturdy mario, whit his mass of red hair, was an interesting and special guy, but not half as interesting as he would later become. after getting a degree in sealttle, he came to london to train at le cordon bleu, but he got bored with the college course and chucked it in - cordon bleu's loss was my gain. he used to work hard during the day and play hard during the night and the he couldn't get out of bed in the morning. so he loved his sleep and he loved joy division (he'd incessantly hum "she's lost control"), but he also loved his food.

which makes me wonder ... what do you listen to in the kitchen?


Misha said...

I have been listening to a lot of Joy Division for the last few months. A whole lot. Check out Control if you haven't seen it yet. It's a great movie.

Also check out Heat by Bill Buford. It's a good read.

Alex Montoya said...

I like hip hop when i'm prepping, there's something about the boastfull quality i like right before service. though on the line or the sushi bar I throughly enjoy dance music, 'cos cooking is a dance per se. Though the other night the prep cook was blasting Rage Against the Machine. I almost forgot how much i throughly enjoy it during a busy service.

neverfull said...

hey plinio- i'll be coming in on friday to see you and JJ. i'm sorry it took a gimmick like HRW to get us to make the trek up there, but we are looking forward to it! anonymouseeater from foodinhouston might be joining us too.

Anonymous said...

I mostly listen to the blues in the kitchen; always have.

Lately, I'm really digging Bobby Bland and Jimmy Reed, maybe some Johnnie Taylor if I'm feelin sassy.