Monday, July 28, 2008

beat up. tossed and torn. finito.

so i was wondering. what cookbooks do you have that are at the end of their run. cookbooks whom pages are falling out.

the professional pastry chef, bo friberg.
the french laundy cookbook, thomas keller.

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Alex Montoya said...

I've been recently adding to my collection but have yet to choose any favorites. Though I do love Kaiseki. The pictures are gorgeous, ingreidents I may never find in the states, but the sheer beauty of the place and the technical skill of the chefs are impressive, invigorating, and inspiring to say the least. Ripert's "A Return to Cooking" is great too. I can't think of a better way to go about writing a cook book. Take a handfull of friends (Ruhlman, a Painter, the Wifee, etc) travel around North America and the Carribbean, get inspired by local ingredients, wine, cigars, etc. and create fantastic improtu meals. though keller is hard to beat!