Sunday, March 9, 2008

lucuma bavarois

lucuma bavarois
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lucuma is a fruit native to peru. its flavors are very similar to that of maple syrup.

i was very excited in making this dessert. i had never tried lucuma. i ask my mother if she had (we are from bolivia). she said yes and she said she loved it. so this dessert was made with my mothers palette in mind.

lucuma bavarois / hazelnut shortbread / smoked hazelnuts / basil syrup / texas goat cheese

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rr said...

looking good...

María Jimena said...
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María Jimena said...

Lucuma!!! I love it!!
I ate lucuma ice cream in Chile, but I live in Buenos Aires and unfortunately I never find that fruit.

Plinko said...

maria, i had never tried lucuma until that day. i must say that i did really love it.

i love its taste. reminds me of vermont maple syrup ...

who knows. maybe i'll make pancakes out of lucuma.