Tuesday, March 18, 2008

desserts at japanese and asian restaurants

ive been criticized for not being diverse with my desserts while at soma.

a week ago or so, i was at a bookstore looking at Nobu West cookbook. and guess what i saw?! a dessert that is not asian! this is Nobu West description:

Whiskey Cappucino

"this dessert is layered with a wonderful array of textures and flavors, from an intense coffee brulee and a cocoa crunch through to iced cream and milk, and then the luxurious topping of whiskey foam"

ok. about the only thing in this dessert that is asian is the suntory whiskey.

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rr said...

why are you so angry? if you say your liberated, then lay off the past.... go forward, young jedi. yet never forget where you have been - cause we all know where you are going.....