Thursday, January 8, 2009

chocolate and peanut butter

this one is for ruthie!

ruthie has compiled a new year's wish list, in which she mentions banana pudding.

as it turns out, i have a dessert at textile and gravitas with banana pudding.

textile: chocolate and peanut butter terrine, banana pudding, peanuts, salted vanilla wafer [pictured]

gravitas: soft ganache, banana pudding, spiced peanuts, cranberry jam


Ruthie J. said...

THANKS. Must get there(s) soon!! Like next week. Hoo-rah.

katie said...

How far in advance do you think I have to call for Textile reservations? planning a big EAT soon...

plinio said...

hello katie.
i believe at this point, guests are calling a week in advance for reservations. this is because they want to dine on a friday or saturday night.

i believe we have openings during the weekdays, tuesdays through thursdays. it shouls be much easier to make a reservation then.

katie said...

Thanks! I can't wait!

Eating on the Run said...

Looking good P!